What Do I Need To Get Started With Backyard Chickens?

Chicken keeping doesn't need to be complex when you are just starting out.

We go into much greater detail on each of the following topics on this site. But in short, to get yourself started, you will need to get the following:

  • A coop

  • A run (if your chickens can’t free-range)

  • Chicken feed

  • Feeders

  • Waterers

There are some basic necessities when it comes to chicken keeping. Chickens need things like a chicken coop to keep them safe at night, feeders to reduce food waste and protect their food against scavengers like rats, waterers to keep them hydrated, and a run if you don’t want to or can’t let them free-range.

If your chickens are in a run you will also have to consider some extra equipment like mirrors and chicken swings to stave off boredom.

These are the bare basics you’ll need equipment-wise to keep chickens. You can always expand from here, however. If you’re planning to hatch chicks you will need a few extra pieces of equipment like a brooder and an incubator.


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